Hiking at Masungi Georeserve

03. 08. 17: Hello everyone! Summer is already here…and napaka init sa labas!! but anyway, I am thrilled to share our experience at Masungi Georeserve.

Last year (I think) it became viral on the internet because of a short clip from Insider that highlighted the beauty of the reserve, which left everyone thinking “how come we didn’t know we have something like this?!”.  I too was in awe of how beautiful it was, and if it didn’t say that it was in Rizal, I wouldn’t think that it is in the Philippines.

Masungi Georeserve is located at Garden Cottages, Kilometer 47 Marcos Highway,
Baras, Rizal, Philippines, 1970

** The best thing to do is to book ahead and pay in advance. They only allow guests in the conservation area with reservations. They prefer groups to be at least 7 pax and up.

**Rates start at 1500php/head on weekdays and 1800php/head on weekends.

We started our day at 5am where me and my dad met up with his friends from Makati to have a convoy going to the reserve. We reached our destination at 6-ish am which is way too early for our reserved slot. They decided to have breakfast at Pico de Pino which is a few kilometers away from the reserve.


My dad and I just had a light snack because we already ate a heavy breakfast before leaving the house. He ordered a clubhouse sandwich and hot cocoa while I just drank my beet-apple-carrot juice that I made the night before. 🙂


This place is great to have breakfast before the hike para ma-beat natin yung energy gap! hahaha! Waley. But yeah, after our quick breakfast we went back to the reserve. It was a chilly morning which is unexpected kasi nga sobrang init na these days.

Unlike with my experience when I hiked Pico de Loro which is parking, briefing area then start of trail. Here, once you get to the lot, the guard will confirm if you have a reservation then he will teach you the way to the main entrance/ briefing are or what they like to call “Silungan” (shelter). From the parking to the Silungan is already warm up to the trail, it took us at least 15-20 minutes to get there.

Walking to the main entrance/ Silungan


We were greeted by these beautiful flowers once we entered the reserve. In here, they have the restrooms, water refill station and briefing areas. I personally liked how clean and well maintained the place is.

The group was gathered to the Silungan for a short briefing about the conservation area and to have ourselves ready for the hike. Our park rangers name is Ate Mary Ann (I am not sure though hahaha) basta si ate.

Yan si ate. Our guide. hahaha! I forgot her name though.

Si ate park ranger is so nice! She made sure that we were comfortable during the whole hike 🙂

We started the trail I think around 9 am and our first stop was the Lagusan ni Ric. Ate park ranger told us that it will be a continuous incline for about 10 mins. And syempre di yun ganun kadali haha! We were only on the first few minutes of the hike but we were already sweating buckets!

Hahaha sorry kung sinulat ko na lang ung “N”. Natakpan kasi sya nung bato eh.

After our non-stop incline for 10 mins. we reached our first rope climbing obstacle ahaha! for more inclined trails.



At first, I was scared to climb up the ropes because it might be broken and I might fall hahaha




The first “attraction” we saw was the famous spider web/ sapot. If you search Masungi Georeserve on the internet, I bet this will be one of the first photos that you’ll see. Honestly speaking, I am not afraid of heights but when I first stepped on this I was scared. It’s disorienting cause there were no handles to grab on or any safety belts to count on to but it took me a while to get used to it.


Next, we went through a small hole..(that’s why it’s a must to wear a helmet at all times) which they call a “suutan”


Then we hiked a few more minutes until we reached the next attraction was Ditse, Patak and Duyan.





The hike was easy compared to my experience in Pico de Loro. After the “sapot” the next attractions were close to each other, so you won’t really feel that you are walking for a long time. And some of the areas were cool because of the caves and rock formations in the area. Most of the things you’ll be doing aside from walking is climbing up or down the ropes which is also fun.

The duyan is also one of the most popular spots here in the whole conservation area, it is a huge hammock that is suspended over the rainforest.

The next spot we went to is Yungib ni Ruben, named after one of the park rangers that has been taking care of the reserve for more than 10 years. The entrance to this cave welcomed us with beautiful rock formations that gave a cool breeze and a hotel-like scent.


The rock formations here are like the ones in the Underground River in Palawan.

I also made a wish here because, why not? 🙂

The next spot we went to was the highest peak of the trail, they call it Tatay. The view here is beautiful, it over looks the whole rainforest.



The second highest peak in the rainforest is Nanay, which also boasts an amazing view of the whole rainforest. 2017-15-3--00-40-12

Nanay from Tatay’s view


After descending from Nanay, we crossed a hanging bridge which after what we’ve been through is a NBD anymore. Then our only way down is from their “new” attraction which is called the “Bayawak”. They called it bayawak because of the ropes were shaped like a bayawak. It was the most dangerous thing we had to do the whole trail because again, we didn’t have any safety belts and things like that. And it was quite high and I was having some trouble getting my foot stuck on the ropes, but it was my favorite. It was tempting to let the ropes go and just roll your way down but then, you’ll die. 🙂


After we survived the bayawak, Ate Park Ranger assisted us to the Cafe/ Resting area with a complimentary Bread and refreshments given to us. We finished our hike around 3-4 hours. The food served was just healthy and just right, it was enough to fill us up. I love that they serve cold calamansi juice which was refreshing after doing all those activities plus the heat!


To sum up our hike, the trail was easy and fun. You won’t notice that you’ve been walking for a long time because you’ll feel rewarded when you reach all of their attractions. Ate Park Ranger was also a delight to be with, she was friendly and she assisted us to make sure we have fun during the trail. The rain forest is well maintained, as well as their facilities. Some may say that it is pricey, but for me it is worth it.

If given the chance to come back here again, I would 🙂 Can’t wait to see their new attractions in the future! 🙂

“Wander often, wonder always”



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