It’s a sunny day at Sunny Bay

“Here is the world of imagination, hopes and dreams. In this timeless land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic and make- believe are reborn- and fairy tales come true – Walt Disney”

Today is a very special day for me not only because we are finally going to Disneyland to fulfill our childhood dreams; but, I also get to celebrate my birthday here! I never thought that I would celebrate my 22nd birthday at Disneyland but it finally happened and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

Welcome to day 3 of our #HappyCampergoestoHK series and to my birthday blog!

Enjoy reading! 🙂

MARCH 27, 2017

00:00 : Surprise!! 🙂

After our amazing dinner at Ichiran Ramen 一蘭, I already went back to the hotel to call it a night since we will have an adrenaline packed day tomorrow. When they got back, they surprised me with a birthday cake! which I don’t usually get every year anymore (idk why but yeah) so I was super shocked and happy that I got a cake on my birthday!! 🙂


07:00 : Breakfast at Cafe de Coral

When KP and I were strolling around Tsim Sha Tsui on our first night, we went to a mall-ish bazaar kind of place near our hotel and I noticed that it was the only restaurant in the shopping center. KP and I then checked the menu and price. We planned to eat breakfast here, before going to Disneyland. So, here we are! 🙂

Photo from

Their menu differs from breakfast to lunch and dinner. For our breakfast, we got the steak, eggs and hash brown and coffee which had a nice serving size. It was just enough to fuel us up for the day


08:30 : En route to Disneyland

From Tsim Sha Tsui, we took the MTR going to Central Station then we transferred to Sunny Bay Station. I really love the MTR! It is so convenient, reliable and easy to understand. When we got to Sunny Bay station, the train was already disney themed which was so cute!!



09:30 : Hello Disneyland!!!!

When we left Tsim Sha Tsui, it was a bit windy so I brought my jacket with me because I get cold easily. But when we reached Disneyland, it was so sunny! Like a sunny Baguio weather! We took almost 30 mins trying to fit all of our jacket/ shawls in our bags!


The park opens at 10:30 so I guess our arrival time was ideal because it gave us enough time to take pictures in the entrance and to line up and got a decent view of the opening intro/show.

TIP: IDK if their opening time is different every week, but check their website for details and a hassle free planning! Literally everything is already in their site! 🙂





There are plenty of Guide Map in the entrance so we got 1 each, haha! souvenir na din yan! We just followed the map and for our first stop, Tomorrowland!


Our first ride for the day was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which was super fun!!! We were just laughing the whole time and literally just being like a kid again shooting at random aliens to defeat Zurg.



Our next ride was the Iron Man experience, It has a mini exhibit while waiting in line so you won’t really feel that you are in queue for something. At first, I thought that it was just an exhibit- but when we reached the end there was this awesome 4D ride where you’ll help Iron Man beat some robots with Jarvis.


It’s the Iron Man suit!!!! 🙂

My mom backed out from this ride cause it has a warning that its not advisable for people with hypertension. But the ride was so insane!! It was super fun!!! It definitely gave us a thrill! After the ride, we lined up for another Iron Man “convention”/ Stark expo where you’ll meet Iron Man himself! 🙂


After our Iron Man encounter, KP kept telling me that we should hurry up so that we could ride the Hyperspace Mountain. I didn’t tell him anything and just said okay, but of course I did my research on the whole park and I know what rides we are and aren’t gonna ride; and let me tell you, Hyperspace Mountain is #1 on the “not gonna ride that list” but he kept on bugging me so I told him okay and we lined up for Hyperspace Mountain.


As we were waiting in line, KP starts having second thoughts about the ride and told me that we should just go but I told him “diba ikaw nagmamadali pumila dito? sakay na tayo! andito na tayo eh!” When we were near the cars, there was a warning sign that said “Last chance to back out, Exit.” and then KP told me “come on, let’s go! It says last chance to back out” I laughed and told him to stay so we can experience it!


The ride was really something! hahaha! It started with a pitch black ascend, of course you don’t know how high it is and then in a blink of an eye, the roller coaster is swinging you to the left and right in the most intense way! I don’t know the exact words to describe it but it was a bit scary because there were parts of the ride were you are really leaning sideways! The visuals of the ride was incredible! I really feels like you are in the Star Wars space/galaxy. After the ride my sister and KP lost all their energy and said that their legs felt wobbly. :))

After Hyperspace Mountain, we went to the sidewalk to wait for the Flights of Fantasy Parade.


We all had fun watching the parade, even if we are all in our 20’s we felt like a little kid seeing all of the Disney characters come to life with their beautiful floats! it is also nice to see that most of their performers are Filipinos! 🙂

After the parade, we went to the Star Wars Command Post. I think they were traumatized with our previous ride that they didn’t want to go in! :)) I told them there were no rides in here just a picture taking with Chewbacca ,BB-8 or R2-D2.


12:30 : Where to have lunch?!

Before proceeding to Fantasyland, we decided to have lunch first. In my itinerary, I made a list where we can buy food with what price point and type of cuisine. BUT!!!! when we got there, all of the restaurants within our budget was closed!!!even the food carts was closed! I looked at the website and there was no schedule that they are closed on Mondays! So we tried at the Royal Banquet Hall and it was too expensive for us almost 100hkd/650php per dish. So we went to the entrance area and found “Market House Bakery” on Main street USA.

Vegetarian Pizza

The pizza was okay, I liked the flavor combinations and it was enough to boost my energy up again.

After our quick lunch, we headed back to Fantasyland to continue our journey! We went to the PhilHar Magic and it was soooo amazing! It is a must watch! I love the 3D effect and how they stitched all their classic movies together! (It was the first time I heard KP singing along to Lion King 🙂 so I guess even the most low-key fans enjoyed the show )


Welcome to! It’s a small world la lala…..



It’s a boat ride featuring different parts of the world. It was so beautiful and great for little kids! The whole time we were there, KP kept on singing different lyrics with that tune and it was really funny! *♫♫Uminom ng Combantrin…♫♫*

After that, we were looking for something sweet so we bought ice cream from one of the food carts that were open.


I got the Strawberry and Chocolate Minnie Mouse Ice Cream which KP almost finished! So much for “patikim lang ako…” -_-

Next, Mickey and the Wondrous Book was also one of my top picks! It was super entertaining and fun! The performances was live so you can really see how talented their performers are! But it was kind of weird hearing Mickey, Goofy and Olaf speaking in Cantonese. :))


After Fantasyland, we went to Toy Story Land which is one of my favorite!! I grew up watching Toy Story that’s why I am extra excited about this part of the theme park and, that is where the Parachute Drop is located- the ride that I am looking forward to the most!

Entering Toy Story land made my imagination come to life! A full size Andy’s Toy Box and etc. the place made me feel that I was like inside the legit set of Toy Story! Ahhhhh!!!<3



17:00 : Parachute Drop!

It took me a lot of convincing for KP to ride the Parachute Drop with me cause he is afraid of heights, but with “please birthday ko naman eh” and a few puppy eyes, he gave in and rode the Parachute drop with me 🙂 YAAAAAAY!!!


This looks harmless when you first see it, because little kids are lining up for this ride! We waited for almost an hour before we got on to our seats… and it was crazy!! When you’re already up there, the drop is so much faster than what it looks like from the ground. It’s the kind of ride that will make you say “naiwan yung kaluluwa ko sa itaas”. I enjoyed the view but KP just kept looking up the whole time which was so funny! And he had his hands tightly wrapped around the safety belts! :))

We just kept laughing when we got back from the ground mimicking each others reaction while we were on the ride. :))

I also wanted to ride the RC Racers which was like the Anchor’s Away from Enchanted Kingdom but nobody wanted to go with me (that means you KP! haha!) so I wasn’t able try it. Next time!!!

Me and my sister bought Churros and Sundae at Jessie’s Snack Bar which was okay. We tried this because we saw a few vlogs saying that the churros were really good. Meh.


After our quick snack, we just strolled around Adventure land and Mystic Point. We were kinda in a hurry by this time cause we wanted to have a good spot for the Night parade and Fireworks Display. But I am curious to go into the Mystic Mansion and I want to ride the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Rafts’s to Tarzan’s Tree House, Tarzan’s Tree House and the Jungle River Cruise.


While walking to Adventure land, we came across this food cart that sells Dried Squid. Being the curious foodies that we are, we tried it and it was good! Definitely a must try!


19:30 : Disney Paint the Night Parade

When we reached Sleeping Beauty’s castle, it was already jammed with people and we didn’t have dinner yet. KP and I went to Comet Cafe to buy food for all of us while my family looked for a nice spot to watch the parade.

For dinner, KP and Borbs had Burgers and the rest of us had Chicken & Fish and Chips. The food there was super expensive and oily! We just didn’t have any choice cause we were in a hurry. Boo!

The night parade was really spectacular, it was visually entertaining and as magical as the Flights of Fantasy Parade. 🙂


20:30 : Disney in the Stars Fireworks

TIP: If you already found a nice spot during the parade, DON’T leave that spot until the fireworks display. You’ll only have to wait for a few minutes before the fireworks display starts!

Since we were happy with our spot, we didn’t leave it just used the time to eat more decently and to set up cameras/ go pro.

I think the fireworks display is something you wouldn’t want to miss when you are already in Disneyland. We’ve been looking forward to it since I started making our itinerary and it did not fail, it left everyone- young or old in awe on how magical it is. It is really making anyone’s childhood dream come true.

I remember the announcer saying “Now, it’s time to see Mickey’s imagination run wild with Disney in the Stars Fireworks” and then you’re favorite classic or recent Disney movies playing on the castle with the music in sync to the fireworks! ❤


My birthday was truly a blast! I had so much fun here in Disneyland, I felt like a kid again! It was perfect and magical in every way. 🙂


I don’t know about you, but I am feeling 22!! 😉




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