Roaming around Macau

Welcome to day 4 of our #HappyCampergoestoHK series! And today, we are exploring the “Las Vegas of Asia”. 🙂

March 28, 2017

09:30: En route to Macau via TurboJet

From our hotel, we just walked along Tsim Sha Tsui until we reached the ferry terminal. I forgot the address but it is a gold building near the luxury shops in TST. Inside the terminal, there was a lot of re-sellers of the ferry tickets. We bought ours for 300hkd/head round trip tickets which we thought was not a bad deal but, the tickets they sell are the ones that are already boarding.



The ferry was not that bad, it was clean and nice. The ride takes about 55 mins- 1 hour.

10:30: Hello Macau!


When we arrived at the Macau Outer Ferry Terminal, we were bombarded by people offering tours and etc. One Filipina kept on annoying us to get a tour from her, so my mom finally gave in and we paid 300-500hkd/head for the tour, transportation fares included. We didn’t really get to explore much of the place because we planned to stay there until 3pm only, so our Macau tour didn’t include the Ventian.

11:30: Home away from home

Before we officially start our tour, we decided to have lunch first and our guide brought us to a carinderia style restaurant that serves Filipino food! I didn’t felt like we were in a different country at all! Para ka lang nasa Binondo haha!

We just had Sisig, Adobong Kang Kong for lunch!


12:00: Wandering around Macau

Our guide took us to see the Senado Square and we just walked around the area until we reached the Ruins.


We didn’t expect that the weather for that day was super sunny! It was like a Manila summer kind of heat! Good thing we dressed up in comfortable and light clothes.

We also got to see the Cathedral and the famous Koi Kei Bakery!


I was ecstatic to visit this Bakery..all the bakeries here in Macau actually. BAKERIES IN MACAU= FREE TASTE HEAVEN!! When our guide took us to Koi Kei, he kept on telling us to try anything we want..aba syempre! tatanggi pa ba kami?!We tried almost everything we were curious about and of course pasalubong shopping na din.. EVEN THEIR BEEF JERKY! YOU CAN TRY IT FOR FREEEE!!


 Honestly, I prefer the beef jerky of Bee Cheng Hiang than Koi Kei, I find Koi Kei’s beef jerky a little bit though compared to Bee Chen Hiang and I like the taste of the latter too.


Of course we had to have their famous Egg Tarts! We also bought these from Koi Kei Bakery


After buying our pasalubong, we went to a Casino in the area where we got to play at a slot machine for free… and we won 200hkd without spending anything. Hihi!




We also went to see the Golden Lotus Square, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf and some of the resorts in the area.




TBH, we didn’t really do much in Macau. Our short trip there ended up as a photo shoot session. I think it was also a nice call to have a guide especially if you’re not familiar to the place.. and he took awesome photos of us too! He knew some tricks and secrets to make the most out of out photos! 🙂 We rode a shuttle going back to the Ferry Terminal to go back to HK

17:00: Early dinner at Yoshinoya

When we got back to HK, we had dinner at Yoshinoya in Tsim Sha Tsui which is near our hotel.


18:00: Mongkok Part 2

The main reason why our Macau trip was cut short is because we wanted to go back to Mongkok to do some last minute shopping… hehe!

Of course I came back for you Stinky Tofu 🙂

Well, that was it! Our final night in HK! 😦 We didn’t really do much for day 4 but it was fun!

See you on my next post!:)



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